Our vision:
to be a gospel revealing missional community


We at LivingWay aspire to be a community that exists only because of the gospel. Instead of being a community built on natural ways of relating, we seek to be a community that is clearly supernatural. And by supernatural community, we mean a community built by God, where He does what confounds the natural laws of the world.

In contrast to a gospel-plus community where most of the relationships are founded on the gospel plus something else (life-stage, shared passion, same ethnicity, etc.), a gospel-revealing community is one where many of the relationships would never exist but for the gospel.

This is what makes the invisible gospel visible to the world—when it unites people who, apart from supernatural power, would never come together. This has always been God’s plan for the church (Ephesians 2-3), and this is what causes both heaven and earth to sit up and take notice. A gospel-revealing community is inherently missional—that is, by virtue of what it is, it bears witness to the power of God in the world. But a missional community in particular adds another layer—in being a missional community, we want to be a church that intentionally focuses on making disciples by demonstrating tangibly and creatively the power of the gospel to non-believers.

This is our calling and our pursuit as a church. By His grace and the power of the cross, we will glorify God by being a gospel-revealing missional community.generations, cultures, races, genders, and ages.

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